K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
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2005-02-13 17:10:35 (UTC)

Boring Real World Ramblings

For now things are peaceful...I like the new job, I've had
to move a lot of shit manually, but hard work never killed
anyone. Tomorrow our store will be opening it's doors to
the public. We've already got people stickin their heads
in to ask for applications.I keep encouraging my roommate
to apply there, but the more I think about it the more I
don't know if that would be smart. The time we spend
apart, I enjoy, so maybe gettin John a job there wouldn't
be the smartest.OH! I almost forgot the best part, I got
my clothing allotment! Basically what happened was I got
to go through the whole store and pick whatever I wanted.
Sometimes I can't believe that I actually work here,
everything seems too chill to be real, the people the
rules, man I hope nothing screws this up for me and I can
stay awhile. And as much as I like it, I can't stay here
forever...this is only a pit stop, the very means with
which I hope to at least get started on my real career
move. But I've invested so much manual labor into this
joint, to me, leavin now would be a waste. In some strange
way I feel like I've had a hand in building this...and in
a sense I have.

Onto other matters...I hung with Larry last night and hada
good time, but I couldn't help sleepin almost through the
whole night. I don't know if it was cuz I was high or if I
was just tired cuz yesterday was my only day off all week.
Probably a little of both.

John found another apartment, which is cool, I can blow
this joint. The only thing is I'm tryin to convince him to
get a joint with two bathrooms, if we're gonna pay a G,
either way. The place he found a pad with two seperate
living rooms which is gravy, cuz then we would never have
to see each other if we didn't want to.We both have
televisions and xbox's and computers...so we wouldn't need
the other for anything but the rent.
Oh well....sorry if I didn't have anything juicy today,
just real world shit...I'm sure somethin will happen soon,
so stay tuned, and thank you for shopping at walmart.