My lil life!
2005-02-13 16:32:23 (UTC)

Feb12 went clubbing with Mody

Dear Diary,

Ime came around today. I was feeling all worn out and tired.
Dint go to the gym today, think i needed a break. But u know
wat? i've noticed that the days went i have nothing to do
and decide to just sit at home, i get so lazy that i dont
even feel like eating, and then all iv worked for to try and
gain some weight just goes to waste.. such a pity.. I need
to constantly be infocus.. my loses focus on an objective
for even a second fucks up everything.

So thats it, i basically stayed home and bummed around the
house the whole day, i was supposed to get some school work
done but i didnt even do that.

Finally gave Sade her Cash though lol

Late at about 12midnite Mody called me up and was like i
should get down to the club at greenbelt. I was all bummed
up today and i thought bout it, i aint gat caSh to spent on
no unexpected night out, but home boi sed i should wori that
he was gona somehow cover me.

Since i was gona go out, i smoke less than half a joint of
pot, and since in not atall a regular pot guy, that shit
really kicked in and i was all ready to p-a-r-t-y.

I hit the club and hooked up with these home bois and meet a
few more. some chick spent like 2k on us, i had a lots of
drinks never paid for a single one.

Suprisingly i saw MJ, LOvela(& her bf), Lucy and Vianna(MJ's
frnd). its all good. was the 1st tym i saw lucy this year.
It was kinda funny running into them like that though.

Came back home without anyone even noticing i had even gone out.

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