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2005-02-13 15:14:02 (UTC)

Just lose it!!!!!!!!!!

Friday has to have been one of the most random, drunken
nights I've had in a long time!! It was just me and Liz
and we'd decided to go out straight from work and decided
instead of queueing at the bar for just a couple of
we would just order a bottle of wine instead!!!! BAD
NEWS!!!! we has one bottle in Becketts Bank, one bottle in
the living rooms, one bottle in Mononi's and then we
towards Tiger Tiger stopping to say hello to kirsty on the
way. we were wrecked!!!!!! Well in Tiger Tiger we had
another bottle!!!! I then thought it was a good idea to
wind up some men leaving them rather bewildwered.....
apparently.... at this stage I encounter memory loss!!!!!
Well at about midnight the female bouncer "escorts us out"
not sure why (possibly due to thart fact that we could no
longer stand up let alone walk!). As it was only early we
stumble into the Fab Cafe where I order me and Liz some
lovely drinks!!! a Lemonade for me and..... HALF A BITTER
for liz!!! HALF A BITTER!!! what was I thinking. Well to
add insult to injury I walk off telling her to pay!!!!(So
Liz tells me, Memory loss again!!!!)

What a night, hey Liz?!?!?!?

Love ya honey! x

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