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2005-02-13 14:42:39 (UTC)

now I know

..Now I know how does it feel to be like him...

well, I konw its all my fault why we separated, and iys
because of ME, my evilness, my mistakes, my neglection
towards my boyfriend...

I have a Friend named Joey(she's SHE).. HE HAS A
BOYFRIEND named Dominic or 'lil boy/kid as Opac call
him,,, they are both young and doesnt have many experience
in an relationships,,This afternoon, I planned to go to
church alone since evryone form my friends are busy for
their own laag cz its valentines..I saw him first and when
he did..He ask me if he cud go w/ me to church, I said
OK...I was kinda libog If I wud told him that joey texted
me to meet her @ ayala for a movie.. I texted joey while
Dominic is changing..I ask her if "MADAYON MI" cause
Dominic was planning to go w/ me. I could'nt say NO to
Dominic cause I saw him all alone waiting for somtin..So,
Joey txted me bck saying "DILI NALANG MI DAYON" ...I
understand cause she does'nt like Dominic to be w/ us(i
DONT KNOW HER REASON WHY) I just didnt told Dominic that
Joey texted me...

We headed to Sto. Nino and proceed to Ayala w/ Xela.. we
saw Kya TJ and Ate Cara in Hapjas also..at 8pm, Joey
texted Xela for Dominic that she wanted to be where she
somewhere in Guadalupe..But before

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