oh The AGONY!!!
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2005-02-13 07:59:24 (UTC)

lame ass boys

man, fuck `em. I woke up this morning and checked my email. greg had
written me back, but it was just a few lines like wow, so another year in japan.
it was such a phony reaction. there was no emotion whatsoever, just like the
phonecalls we used to have when things started getting bad. well, to look on
the good side, it made me realize I can get over this. He`s not everything I
want, not by a long shot. I haven`t met him yet. greg isn`t him.
I just got back from mountain climbing with caroline and alicia. I was under
the impression it was just one mountain, and the mountains in wada are
pretty small, so I didn`t think it would be anything too strenuous, but fuckin
a man. it wasn`t just one mountain. it was a string of them! and I thought
we were going with just a small group, but there were hundreds of climbers.
we started out at about ten and didn`t finish til almost four. my feet are
killing me. I`m glad I didn`t back out.
Caroline and me talked most of the time, and we came up with some really
good ideas like selling our shirts and buttons, and maybe taking a road trip
this summer. I think we`re going to start spending more time together
instead of treking it up to kanagaya every weekend just to have alicia make us
feel bad about ourselves. she`s been really moody lately.. she always acts
like we`re such an embarrassment to her. She hates seeing people have fun.
I`m thinking about what to make for dinner, but just the thought of having to
get up right now is exhausting. I have to clean my apartment and do the
wash too. condom mountain is going to be wanting his boom box back soon,
but he`s got a prayer if he wants it tonight. this weekend was so great, I`m
kinda sad to see it go. work is going to feel especially long this week, but I`ll
manage. I`m really surprised how well I`m managing things right now. Is
this a sign I`m becoming a mature person? Normally just one of these events
could wreck me for a few months, but I`m not letting it. dude, life goes on,