My River Within
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2005-02-13 06:58:20 (UTC)

missing YOU!

i have yet to tell u all that is true in my heart but u know
already. i miss your voice i miss you, imiss your soft words
u would speak to me, why did u lie to yourself and reveal a
side of u lately that was not true to u. that was just a way
of teaching me. but i miss u when we first met. athat was
you i love you for u the real you, cause if u wont be
yourself aroundme, why why should ibe myself around you,
because i love you. ITs all relative.... i miss you baby u
will always be in my heart i need u to be at my side soon so
i can make my life n evrything aroundme better finally
again.i miss you i know u miss me. i need you i know u will
need me soon, so i love missing you because i have u in my
heart and u have me in your thoughts. i miss you and love
you, cu soon i love being patient.

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