My River Within
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2005-02-13 06:52:00 (UTC)


what is work, tome work is somethin u have to tddo but
really its somethin ppl have to do in order to make money.
? money is something u need to live a better life, and life
is something well think for a second?......do u really need
money to live a good life. i mean all the superstars and
models actors, rappers, all the rich ppl in the world who
have money not always do they have a good life, i mean they
can be miserable too and die. SO i think ur smart to figure
out the rest. TO BE HONEST i dont think ppl need money to
have a good life, all they need is to live with one thought.
LIVE and well u know i got a big nose and i guess that just
means it easier for me to breath, and whats breathing its a
way of living cause if u dont breath u die, and so all u
need to do to live a LIFE THAT EVERYONE deserves and that i
can make sure by doing my job AT AMC which is providing
entertainment and guest first serviced, so thats what i do,
BUT DONT FORGET TO BREATH because like i said my job is to
work and ur job is only to breath, thats all u need to live
just live each day as if it were yourlast and thats should
help make a better day,. CAUSE i have learned at AMC that as
long as u breath and live life all u need to do is just live
and living is not work, its my JOB to work, but not yours.
hope i am not confusing you , because im just trying to
teach myself this thought. WORKK is not living, lving is
breathing and thats all u need to do to have a good life. so
leave the rest to me and my "WORK" and im sure evryone else
will breath on their own, cause without my job i cant
provide ppl with services. SO DONT forget u live i work, but
we all work we all have jobs, but dont forget to breath when
u work. cause thats all u need. life is living loving is
livng life everyday know ing anything is possible. so live
and let me take care of the rest, which IS WORK and i like
working with ppl. that is work to me PEOLPLE work, life is
my work and work is your life, so just love yourself without
working yourself to death cause all uneed is yourself. if u
dont get what im sayin read it all again until it sinks
again because i maybe wrong i AM human, but im also smart
and 22, ive uyet to learn more, but its just my opinion, it
s up to you take my advice.

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