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2005-02-13 05:35:58 (UTC)

Random Feeling 02

February 13th 2005- 1227 am

I feel all alone in this world. I am just he waste of
matter put on the earth just to fill life for 80 or so
years. I don't know why though but I suffer. There arent
any drugs or shrinks that can help me and I dont know what
to do. Life is not fair the way I live it. With no
friends, no life, no family (one that is together
atleast), poor grades, poor, and overall depresed, there
is nothing I can do. I am just sick of it though. Random
feelings come to my head and make me think sometimes. How
would the world be without me? What if I were dead? I have
in the past attempted (a few times) suicide but I dont
know what stopped me. I dont see what my brain and body
sees to what did stop me but I cant function properly
anymore. I'm overweight, ugly, good at nothing, all the
things listed above, is made fun of, and overall again am
depressed. I cant go and seek help any more because it is
not only a waste of time thatll never help, but a waste of
money. I can go on and on and on about all the negatives,
but where are the positives? Are there even any? If so,
why cant I experience them? I am not writing this to get
sympothy from anybody but I let some of my emotions out in
writing and not in verbal words. I am not a person to
express my feeling in any way physically either; ie:
angerly and punch ppl or sumting or just ignorig it and
pretending it aint there. But i know its thee. Itll never
leave. I am bot even sure if I should leave becuase maybe
that is best? Maybe I should go against the little things
(whatever they may be) holding me back and just go
forever? I dont know what to do. I just really dont.