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2005-02-13 05:26:56 (UTC)


I stumbled upon Rama's friendster page just now. He is an
old friend from my junior high school. A rebellious,
deeply talented and very loving guy. I have not seen him
for years now. He has moved to USA for some time now.

I read his xanga site. He has just experienced the death
of a loved one. My heart was torn apart when I read the
most recent entry of his. How much I would like to talk to
him, to comfort him. Yet, we have not been talking for
some time I wonder if it will be appropiate at all.

Old friends. I realise I do miss them a lot. We have seen
each other grow up, from a teenager into an adult.
Suddenly we are 21. It seems like yeasterday when we were
a bunch of 14 or 15-year-olds. Many have gone abroad, one
is married, some has found their other half. What would
become of us?

The thought of old friends simply bring tears to my eyes.


Just few updates on last week. Chinese New Year week.
Still a birthday week. Ate my bakmie twice in that week
alone. On Tuesday, I went shopping with Shirvy and of
course ate bakmie. On Friday, I went to watch Constantine
and again ate bakmie. And on Saturday, got a sushi treat
from Linsey at Holland Village.

Good food, good music and holidays. What more can I ask

CTW critique screaming in my ears to be done now. Gotta


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