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2005-02-13 05:16:03 (UTC)

12:00a.m. Febraury 13th *MY BIRTHDAY*

Okay so its 12:00 in the morning an im helping my mom
clean my house....kind of because TODAY we are going to
red lobster for my birthday *im 15* woohoo!!!! I also have
a hockey game tonight (indoor field hockey) at
8:00....hopefully we win since its my birthday..that would
be cool!! *yep yep* I watched the movie The Notebook and i
cried because its a very sad movie.Its about a girl and a
boy who fall in love over the summer an the girl has to
move away but the night before she finds out she has to
leave the boy Noah an the girl Alley get into a fight an
they break up so when she wakes up she's told they have to
leave an she goes to college but before she leaves she
tells their friend Fin to tell Noah to write her so Noah
writes her 365 letters *everyday that year* but her mom
doesnt like Noah so her mom takes the letters an never
gives them to.The whole way through this movie its like a
story in a story and there is the older woman who has that
disease where you forget everything an theres this guy who
reads her the story about Noah an Alley an he tries to get
her to remember....try to her to remember what you say?To
remember that the old woman is Alley an the man readin to
her is her husband.....NOAH!!!!!But anyway so she moved
away an never got any letters eventually she found another
dude while working as a nurse during some war or w/e an
they get engaged...Noah told her when they were younger
that he was gonna rebuild a house when he got the money an
that he'd do anything to it she wanted an she told him all
the things she wanted him to do for her so one day while
she was gone he did them...she saw his picture in the
paper with the house an she came back to her old town to
see Noah. They have sex & fool around an her fiance finds
out an comes to get her...eventually in the end of it all
she chooses Noah. So as the movie is flipping back an
forth between the old Noah & Alley an the young ones it
goes to the old couple in the end. An she finally
remembers that she is Alley an he is Noah...but she only
remembers for 5 minutes an she freaks out. Then Noah has a
3rd heartattack an goes to the hospital. Alley misses him
reading to her (but she starts to remember AGAIN) Noah
comes back an sneaks out of his room in the nursing home
to see Alley...she asks him if she thinks their love can
make miracles an he says "of course" then she asks him if
he thinks their lives will end together an he says "maybe"
at the end of the movie a nurse comes into the room an
there is Alley an Noah laying in the bed together holding
both hands of each other.....dead...*they died together in
their sleep...peacefully*awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww..ive
never cried so much in my entire life.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!*thats all for tonight*

P.S. I love my boyfriend!

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