2005-02-13 05:13:47 (UTC)

jim norton comedy show...

had a good day today...went to work from 10-3 & did a
little shopping afterwards b/c i needed to get a gift for
mom b/c tomorrow, feb 13th, is her 55th bday...i got blake
something too for our 1 yr anniversary...after the mall, i
went home & hung out...ate dinner, did some hw, went
online, and then around 645ish pm, i got ready b/c blake,
me, brant (blakes younger brother), brett (blakes older
brother) & kristy (brett's gf) went to the stress factory
comedy club to see Jim Norton...it was a sold out show!! 2
opening acts...pretty funny! Jim then came on & he had me
laughin pretty hard...esp the part when he talked about
how when a guy masturbates & his dog or cat walks in...he
said the pet knows what ur doin lol!! haha and the whole
joke about monolopy when a bf & gf play it together...how
he met 50 cent @ the newark airport b/c they were both
flying down to cancun to shoot something for mtv....he
went on around 845ish and the show was over @ 945ish....we
then went back to our cars where blake and i went in his
car back to my house while brant, brett, and kristy went
to some bar, i think, in red bank they said they were
gonna go...maybe chubby's?!?! i dunno...so overall, i had
a good day...norton was def the way to end a great day!
lol :P

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