Kay Jean

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2005-02-13 04:44:37 (UTC)

All about me!!

Lets start...

- Would you ever date someone younger than you?: Yes
- Would you date someone older?: yes
- Gotten in a car accident?: yes *not fun*
- Broken a bone?: yep *also not fun*
- Had your heart broken?: yep
- When was the last time you cried?: Wednesday
- Last time you said I love you to someone: Like an hour
- Last time you laughed: at like 7 so 3 hours ago
- What age do you see yourself married at?: Not before 24
- Describe your dream wedding: a church wedding with all
of our friends and family there everything will be just
right and it will be the best day of my life!!
- Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: My teddy bear from
- If you could dye your hair one color what would it be: I
just want to highlight it
-Would you rather give or receive?: give
-How many homes have you lived in total?: 3-two farms and
my house in town
- One pillow or two?: two or more
- Do you get along with your parents?: depends on the
-Whats your favorite color(s)?: Eather Baby Pink or Blaze
- Who was your first crush?: I'm gonna have to go with
Travis Wileman
- Are you the romantic type?:I love to be romanceed
- Have you ever been chased by cops?: no...

-Kissed your cousin: no...what the fuck kinda question is
- Ran away: I was gonna once i don't remember what happend
- Pictured your crush naked: In the past maybe it's been
so long i have been with Ryan for like 2 years
- Broken someone's heart: yep
- Cried when someone died: what is that ofcorse
- Cried in school: only after a break up

- Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi
- Sprite or 7UP: sprite
- Flowers or candy: flowers
- Blondes or Brunettes: Brunettes
- Bitchy or Slutty: bitchy
- Tall or Short: taller the me *which is not hard I'm only
- Pants or Shorts: Pants *I could live in Blue Jeans*

-When you meet a person of your preferred sex, you first
notice their: eyes
- Last person you slow danced with: My Ryan

WHAT IS: (your favorite)
- Your Good Luck Charm: My Penny with the angel in it
- Person You Hate Most: Right now eather Kaia or Meesa
- Movie: Finding Neverland
- Car: 1964 Mustang
- Ice Cream: Mint Cho. Chip
- Season: Spring
- Breakfast Food: Baccon

- Makes you laugh the most: My sisters Theresa and Jenn
- Makes you smile: Ryan the most but next in line is
Teresa and April
- Can make you feel better no matter what: Ryan
- Who Has it easier? Girls or Guys? Girls some girls just
set out to hurt other peopel and that is not cool
- Gives you A Good Feeling When You See Them: Ryan

- Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: I
have in the past but then I got a cell phone and
everything was all good
- Save AIM conversations: No that got old
- Wish you were someone else: VERY rarly but yes sometimes!
- Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: never
- Kiss: All the Time!!

- Fallen for your best friend?: yes
- Made out with JUST a friend?: yes but then we started
- Been rejected: I think we all have
-Been in lust?: Once again I think we all have
-Used someone?: NO WAY
-Been used : I wounder sometimes about a X of mine
-Been cheated on?: yea
-Been kissed?: everyday
-Done something you regret?: Once again I think we all have

- You touched?: Ryan
- You talked to?: My mom
- You hugged?: Ryan
- You instant messaged?: I think Jenn
- You yelled at?: I think Jenn
- Who broke your heart?: Robert Bradley and Patrick Bingol

-Color your hair?: Not yet
-Have tattoos? no
-Have piercings? yes
-Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? yep yep yep Ryan Miles
-Own a webcam? no not so much
-Ever get off the damn computer? Yea I have a life
-Sprechen Sie Deutsch? ...could you repeat that IN ENGLISH!
-Habla espanol? ya umm say remark to that

General Information...
Do you like your name?: I like Katie not Katherine
Tell me your age: 18 almost 19

Tell me the perfect setting for when you have sex.:
anywhere as long as I am with Ryan
Have you ever been in love?: I am right now
Are you in love?: *look at the last question* Ryan Ryan

Your opinions:
Rock music is..: Do able
Pop music is..: also Do able
Do you believe in God?: yea sorta

Type of music: eather Courtney or R&B
Band: Shinedown:) Tim McGraw*not really a band*
Food: MMMMMM Fooood
Thing to do: Lay in Ryans bed raped up in his arms if that
is not do able my bed by my self is close 2nd
Thing to say: are you over it
Person to talk to: Ryan or it was Randy but he passed on me
Subject in school: I flat out hate school
Parent: Mamma
Candy: a baby Ruth with out a doute

Last, just random questions and things about you.
Do you like yourself?: most the time
What do you like about yourself: my smile and my eyes
What dont you like about yourself?: i lack of getting some
of the jokes said at Ryans house sometimes
Can you play any instruments?: Yes
Are you depressed?: No way
Have you ever been suicidal?: Once but Jerry snaped me out
of that
Do you do drugs?: Not today
Do you miss anyone right now? yep I lost my Uncle Jerry,
and Randy and I miss my sister Jenn who lives in IN
What do you want to do with your life?: Be happy
What's something you know you want to accomplish before
you die?: Live happily ever after with my sweetest Ryan