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2005-02-13 02:44:45 (UTC)

Sad News from Back Home

News from Taiwan isn’t good for one of our aunts. My
father, who just came over to U.S. less than a month ago,
had to make an urgent return trip back home.

It’s amazing how human life can be so vulnerable. All it
takes is an accidental fall. A normal person can recover in
no time for a fall like this. But for an eighty some year-
old elderly person, a small trip like this can be fatal.

I visited my aunt and her husband less than a year ago
during my last trip to Taiwan. The couple were living
together alone by themselves at their old but empty
traditional Taiwanese courtyard house. Their kids all moved
away to Taipei for job opportunities. She seemed quite
healthy to me at the time and I was impressed that she was
still making dinner on her own at that age. But now...

I’ve come to the realization that people of my father’s
generation are now starting to leave us one by one.