DK- An Easy Way To Sum It All Up
2005-02-12 23:20:08 (UTC)


February 12th 2005-

Woah. Everyone has probably had way to much sugar or
something today. Gabby, Nikki, Krone, and Justin all wound
up coming over. Gabby and Nikki came over late because
they went to the mall 2 get dresses for some shit or
something. Krone came over around 3ish with justin after
he drove here. Justin got me the third season dvd box set
of ATHF (aqua teen hunger force) and it is so f**king
funny. Gabby and Nikki got me an FYE gift card and that is
such a nice ass store. So when Justin and Krone came over,
I was still playing telefone tag with Gabby and Nikki who
wound up getting stuck going to/from/at the mall. So while
they weren't here, the rest of us watched some tv at
first, then began watching ATHF. Got through about 5
episodes, including a break 4 pizza, then the other girls
showed up. When Nikki and Gabby came, Justin wound up
leaving since he needed to go home and change for Arly's
party later that night. So Gabby and Nikki came up,
chilled with me and Krone till we left for the party.
Krone and Nikki werent invited so we dropped Nikki off
somewhere (i 4got whose house) and Krone at her place.
Before that though, Gabby had showed us the stuff she
bought for the party (girls will be girls) and she changed
here. After changing though, she semed to dislike it.
(again, girls will be girls). In the mean time though, I
went and changed, Nikki and Krone went on myspace. I dont
know what everyone does on that website but it seems a lot
of ppl use it. Nikki showed me her pics that she uploaded
(b.c. she asked me a while back if the one she had sent me
was good(which it was) but I said she should take a new
one of how she was dressed here because with her hair in
like some different style pony tail looked really nice.
(obviously a suck up compliment, but you know, just being
nice anyway.) So We all just ended up in the ar around
650ish going to leave. After dropping Nikki off last, we
doubled back to Justins and picked him up. I called him
and told him we were backing into his driveway and to come
out. Obviously knowing Justin byu now, he wasnt fully
ready (which was okay since we had about 25 minutes or so
to get to the party). SO I went in, helped calm him down
b.c he was like hysterical about the party and he was
rushing everything. (i still dont know whats up with him
and cat cards) So he finally gets his tie done and we head
out. Next entry will be about the party itself.


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