Autum's Leaves
2005-02-12 22:13:20 (UTC)

Uber Happiness

Ah those days when your cleavage looks great and happiness
abounds at every corner.

If it weren't thirty degrees, I would be in heaven.

Senior trip, I can't wait! Bahamas for a week or two,
staying in the condo, probably gonna be trashed the whole
time I'm there, but you know how that goes. One dollar rum
shots, I am all over that. But as for now, I must keep up
the facade of being the smart responsible senior, which,
ironically, I really am.

Watched Saved! again. Patrick Fugit..*creams* Haha. Sorry.
Been hanging out with weird people.

Met my friends boyfriend on Fri. He's a marine, they've
been dating for about four months and he's already asked
her to marry him. She's 18. It's absolutly ridiculous, but
he plays Final Fantasy so I have some respect for the guy.
And beyond the fact that they're really strange and
hostile together...they're fine. Rented some movies after
Dos Amigo's and got a little toasted with my buddy. It was
a FABULOUS night.

Supposed to hang out with my ex tomorrow. He promised this
time. Big fucking deal. But, who knows, maybe he'll do
something totally strange and be honest. Hey, here's

Got some really cute new clothes this week, first time
I've been shopping in forever. I really need money. Any of
you guys wanna give me some, tell me, please.

To everyone out there, I think my dog is way cuter than
yours. Have a fantabulous evening!