*.:.* bRoKeN tEaRs *.:.*

ThE lifE aNd bUlL sHiT oF lAuReN
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2005-02-12 19:55:33 (UTC)

i dont know

hey guys!!! whats up notta lotta here sorry i havent been
writing ive been caught up in just life! but ya lasy
night was WAY WAY fun went over to my friends and his
parents werent home!! we just kinda played around..;) lol
anywho i wanna go shopping today realy really really bad!!
yep well its snowing pretty hard! and im way excited it
hast snowed to much down here this winter! uhh i have the
urge to make out...wow i have the urge to do alot of
things lol hahahahhaha k well i g2g
*peAce OuT*

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