DK- An Easy Way To Sum It All Up
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2005-02-12 15:51:04 (UTC)


February 12th 2005-

Geez. I never knew i had so much god dam hair on my head.
Went to the barbers around 1130ish today because i hadnt
gotten my hair cut sicne idk when. i had decided not to
cut my hair because i wanted to finaly see what it would
look like if i let it grow out. well, with wearing a cap,
it grew out like crazy, curled backwards on itself, and my
bangs go up on an angle like a check mark (like it goes
down the boinks back up randomly). now there is only one
brush i can use to comb my hair since the others make my
head so staticy with electricity. (static electricity). so
now im not that happy because i really really really
wanted to let it grow out all the way through the summer,
but my mom insisted on me getting it cut since im going
away next week. So i was smart and took before and after
pics of my head and they look so weird. it also took
forever to get my haircut since i just had so much, the
worse part is, is that my hair is course and hard for the
cutter to manage in their fingers. just wanted to say
this, and i will have another entry for today later on. im
going to arly's sweet sixteen later 2nite and im doing
sumting (idk wut tho) for my bday later this afternoon.