oh The AGONY!!!
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2005-02-12 15:46:09 (UTC)

post tantumatic experience

i don`t know what`s up with yohsuke, but something is definitely up. he
hasn`t written me back since tuesday. I written him twice now, no response.
I fucking made him a mix tape! I`m feel pretty fucking stupid right now. I
don`t understand what happened.
normally I`d be pretty shitty with something like this going on, but I`ve been
having a blast this weekend. I met the girls in funabashi on friday. we
rocked the revolving sushi place we love so much. caroline found a foreign
food store in the basement of the station. I bought flour tortillas!! then we
trained out to some place else, I don`t remember what it was called. we
found a sleepy little spanish resturant and brought it to life. three bottles of
wine and listening to the same three tracks on ana`s black eyed peas album
for 2 hours later we had to leave to catch the last train to kanagaya. the
waiter begged us not to leave and the hot bartender who`d been dancing
with us walked us out and said he loved us.
this morning the group of us headed to yoyogi park, a famous spot in tokyo
for people watching. it took us almost an hour to get there, and when we
finally arrived, alicia complained it wasn`t like what the book she read made
it seem. she wanted to see really freaky dressed people, but everyone was
pretty much normal. we walked through and stopped at a yakisoba stand.
caroline and I were all about going back in, but ana and alicia wanted to go
shopping in shibuya. we decided to split up so we could each do our own
thing, something I think we need to start to do more often. alicia was really
getting on me and caroline`s nerves. she can be really cruel sometimes. and
the fact that we`d travelled all that way just to stay for five minutes seemed
nuts to us. she doesn`t have any comprehension of what it`s like for us. it
takes me three hours to get up there! that`s ¥6,000 roundtrip! when I go to
tokyo I don`t always want to go shopping or sit in cafes and drag on
cigarettes for endless hours. I want to see stuff. I want to meet people. I`m
so glad caroline and I finally had the balls to say, okay, go on without us.
we`ll meet you somewhere later. we`re actually going to do something we
want to for a change. fuck yeah.
so we found a place that rented bicycles. we rented a bright yellow tantum
bike. caroline started out in front, but couldn`t steer the thing worth a
damn. I took over, but found that it was fucking impossible to keep from
careening into the trees. moments earlier I had made some remark about
having no prior tantum experience, but how fucking hard could it be? ver
fucking hard, dude. but finally we got ourselves coordinated, and it was all of
the sudden working beautifully. we were giggling like a couple of goons
tearing it up around the park. when we got back to the rental stand, we
rented to more singles and took them off the path. we heard some music
and went to check it out. it was an aerobics class, and they invited us to
participate. without hesitating we dove off our bikes and started doing the
steps with them. it was a lot of fun. the instructor, paul, was spandex clad
and bulging! he gave us his card. it`s pretty fucking sweet. we got back on
our bikes and came across some jugglers. one of them had a crystal ball and
was doing contact juggling with it. caroline said look at that, and I said
that`s just like the one condom mountain has. no sooner did the words
come out of my mouth than condom mountain appears playing the accordian
and harmonica in one of the stupid handless apparatuses. I was stunned.
caroline took our picture, and we got out of there. she made some comment
about how it seemed he still liked me. it was pretty obvious. oh well, fool me
once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. we had a few more
adventures, break dancing, double dutch, and playing with one of those velco
disc sets with the velcro ball. after that we had quite an appetite so we went
to our favorite place in roppongi. fucking chimichuangas and quesadillas and
nachos!!! it was sweet. as we rolled back to the station, two cute boys came
up to us. they were from tokyo fm radio and wanted to interview us. we had
to put on headphones and sing along with a song in japanese. caroline went
first and laughed the whole time. I went after and did a pretty good job. they
were smiling and complimenting me after. I`d love to tape it, but I don`t
know when it will be on. I bet I sounded terrible, in all actuality. anyways, I
got to get up early tomorrow for our big trek up the mountain. Caroline,
alicia and me are going to tackle that mother with a japanese hiking club.
this should be interesting...

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