the new me
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2005-02-12 12:09:02 (UTC)

sad toady

i am really sad. i bp this mornin and dad was really surprised when he
found out i had potato wedges this morning..... i feel lie a gross bitch.

im sad cos i started crying at work and couldn't stop and it just all got to
much for me,....working for a witch. im not organised and i keep
making mistakes and stuff and i feel very inadequate even though im
doing the lowest job in there!

i hate my life at times. i want to stop obsessing over food and weight. i
want to do things that make me happy. i want to stop talking about
what i should be doing and just fucking do it.

the only thing ive accomplished this week is my running goals. today i
have to run 5k. hope it will go well, but i feel drained. emotionally and
physicaly and spiritually. i need the lord. i realy do and i don't know
how to go to him anymore. i feel really alone and tired of life.

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