Transformation of a Life
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2005-02-12 04:12:15 (UTC)

Friday is over rated

So the end of another week is here. Wow. Time sure

It snowed all day yesterday, so I spent a part of the day
shoveling out the vehicles and the driveway. It was very
meditative work. Quiet.

Today, I was thinking of a couple of dreams I had over the
past couple of nights. They were quite interesting. The
first one involved a series of men that I have shared

Here is my first dream:

First, I went to a gathering at a place that seemed like a
flea market. It seemed to be in a snow cave. I met with a
guy that I was pretty serious with for about eight months.
We went to this hole in the ground. In the hole, it was
sunny and bright, but the floor was very far down. I fell
through the hole. He followed, but we soon parted.

There were great fields of green, flowing grass and a
golden sky. It was warm there...beautiful. I met with
this guy that I once knew intimately. I ran in the fields
and he followed. It was the nicest part of the dream.

Then came more snow. He was gone. I was in a cave dug out
of the snow with these older men. I never met them
before. They were having a competition about how long they
could stand to stay in the cave. I left shortly after

Next I was at a building of some sort. I don't quite
remember what it was, but it was a place of entertainment
(ie movie theatre, bar). I met with a fellow that I went
to school with. We were on friendly terms, but we were
never close. I respected him from a distance. We chit-
chatted a bit. He was clean and well groomed. He looked
good. Mark was his name. Here is where I woke.

The second dream:

I came to a pond. There were beautiful fish. They all
were very healthy, colourful, and had wonderful, long,
flowing tails. The water was blue and clear, like you see
in tropical areas. The pond itself had once been a
beautiful aqua/landscape with a bonsai tree, and a
waterfall. It was dirty, muddy, and had leaf litter all

I was standing around this pond, looking around. Mark
shows up. He is dirty, as if he'd been working in the
yard. He was gaunt, and had long hair. We talked for a
bit, but I don't remember what about. I was joking around,
saying how I was "unlucky". He chastized me for saying
that. I didn't quite know what to make of it at the time.

I haven't had such vivid dreams in a long time. I wonder
what triggered them! Especially Mark. I have not thought
of him for years. Like I said before, we were not
close...more aquaintances than friends really. Any
thoughts on this? LOL

Anyways, I am picking up my Aunt this evening. She is
coming back from Cancun. LUCKY! I don't know if I want
them to come home (I live with my Aunt). I like the house
to stay clean, and to have my privacy. The house does seem
very empty without her and the cousins. I do hope she had
a good time.

An interesting situation involving my sister and a "friend"
of hers occured yesterday. He is an older guy. 40ish. My
sister is twenty-two. She says they are just friends, but
it it obvious to me that he wanted more. My sis just
started dating this other fellow. She's very happy with
him. The older guy showed up at her work yesterday. He
left when he saw that she was busy. He called three times
at work, and finally, on the forth call, she took his
call. She told him that she was seeing someone. He got
really angry. He told her that he was bringing a Hooters
girl to Mexico with him. LOL Funny,eh?

Anyways, how I come into all this is that he's a
housekeeping client of mine. He has me on kind of an on-
call basis. One day after this, he calls me up to scedule
a cleaning. I don't know. I made an appointment, but I'm
kind of creeped out. Will he try to have revenge on my sis
through me? I'll bring my pocket knife just in case. I
can't afford to not take the job. I'll be there at eleven
in the mourning tomorrow...we'll see....

Well, I guess it's time for me to get going. I hope you
have a great weekend.