Nick's Journal
2005-02-12 03:52:24 (UTC)

Thursdays and January

January, thank god that month is over. there is nothing
about it that is possibly any good. don't go and tell me,
"oh there's new year's day." gimme a break. any day on
which the world spins in front of me and i vomit more than i
take in, is no holiday in my books. january is cold and the
best adjective for it, is that it is bleak. it's that guy
you can't shake at work. the pessimistic son of a bitch who
just gets deep down to the very core of your optimism,
making you think that, hey, he is all there is. january
just ends up engulfing you with it's dreary days and frigid
forecasts. it is by far the longest month of the year, i
mean any month in which you come down off of such a high as
christmas, you'll be seeing near the middle, "damn, i can't
believe it's only the 15th. christmas seemed like forever
ago!" and that is exactly how january likes it.
thursdays. my best analogy for thursdays is that it is the
hot girls (friday) ugly troll friend. you'd rather be
hanging out with the hot girl, but there's the troll right
in front of you, and you know that you have to get through
this troll to make it to the rewarding beautiful girl. you
create euphemisms for it, like, "well, she kind of looks
like the hot girl...." but you know this is a lie. you
really just want the hot girl and you are just
rationalizing. by the time you've spent about 8 hrs. of
hardwork with this troll friend, you realize that hotness is
just as far away as ever. by the time you're finished with
what you thought would be a breeze (thursdays drag on like
none other), you just say fuck it. in the end you end up
drinking with the troll girl, pretending that she is the hot
girl that you truly long for. finally you make it past the
troll, and now that you are free and clear you just
embarrass yourself with the hot girl. you nurse bloody
marys with her and tell her that you'd have been a lot more
fun if you hadn't had to drink so god damn much to make her
ugly ass friend look like her.