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2005-02-11 22:46:13 (UTC)

2.11.04 So What? I Took a Month Off

Anyone who paid enough attention to count should've noted
that I have taken exactly one month off of journaling, the
longest break that I've ever taken from this journal. It
was only about 30% intentional. Other than that, it's
because I'm very lazy, and though I do reeeeallly enjoy
writing, one of the few things I enjoy more than writing is
sitting on my butt. And as a second semester senior, a lot,
yes, a lot of that is required.
It's been too long since an entry to elaborate on
any big details. My life, as of lately, has treated me with
the uttermost care and respect. I'm loving being alive.
School is causing me little to no stress. Socially, things
are good, and I have noooo complaints. Apparently, I'm
painstakingly close to being the 2005 Turnabout King. I
don't know who will have gotten more votes than me. It's
Friday now, so it's too late to vote....but CR '05 (Coupet-
Robinson 2005), even if we don't win, put up a fight for
the ages.
Again, though, something as insignificant as
Turnabout means little to me. To talk a bit more about my
previous entries, I've done a much better job of
discovering Alix Coupet than before, which makes up a
significant part of why I stopped journaling. Haha that's a
lie. I think I only stopped journaling because I am lazy.
And after like two and a half weeks of writing nothing in
the journal, you might as well go out in style and make it
a month.
But now that the month is finally over, I would ask
you, reader, to occasionally remind me to update my
journal. I'd like to have a much more consistent stream of
entries this time around. So if you've seen that I havent
updated in a while, give me a slap across the head or
something, metaphorically speaking of course.
Romantically, I guess, I am sort of in a
diminutive...tizzy...of sorts. There are a few months left
in the year and I indeed want to finish it all of with a
bang. A big bang. Perhaps not as big as the one that
atheistic scientists say created the world as we know it,
but a rather big bang. That'd be nice.
I would, however, as my mind is quite salacious, ask
you to not interpret "big bang" in whichever manner you
please. For all intensive purposes, I am refering to,
perhaps, a spark of whole staisfaction to appear in the
female realm: not the "bang" that would result in...well,
you're smart. You get my drift.

Well, nothing was said here. Haha. And it's the end of my
entry. I'll ask you to take it easy


PS: When I say "kisses", I don't say it effeminately, or
even regularly. I say it in a gangsta voice, cause in any
other fashion, it can be interpreted as a flash of
homoerotic promiscuity. Not that there is anything wrong
with that, I'm as liberal as it gets.

Alix Coupet