Sir, this is for you
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2005-02-11 18:44:22 (UTC)


feb 11 12:53 pm

hey. so here i am writing. woo hoo. i don't have work
today. which makes me intensely happy because it's gotta be
the WORST JOB EVER. not even the littlo old asian lady
seems funny anymore. meh. what're ya gonna do...
i enjoyed talking with you last night. we haven't really
had a nice conversation in a while, which is mostly my
fault because i wasn't able to get online and i have no
money to get minutes for my phone. good times. but yeah
it's friday so i get free minutes from 8-12 pm my time. so
if i don't make it online (which i most likely won't) you
can call around 10:30 or something. so anyway yeah.

i just realized this morning when i was looking at the
calendar that monday is valentine's day. oh joy. it's my
least favorite holiday because it's so freaking
commercialized. but then, what holiday besides... like ...
boxing day isn't? that's right: none. it kind of takes the
joy out of things. i also despise v-day because i never
had a "significant other" for valentine's (but now i have
you so yay...) but still it's a shitty holiday. and in
grade school, we used to make those little shoebox
mailboxes for people to drop those little valentine's cards
in. you know, the cheap perforated ones from the drug
store. i used to handcraft mine individually for everyone
in my class. but of course, i never got any valentines. how
typical... but really, i'm not bitter at all.. haha...

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