MY LIFE.. or something kinda like it
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2005-02-11 18:35:58 (UTC)

What do we need?

I've been racking my brain, trying to think of things we
are going to need when we move out. I come to a
frightening conclution.... We Need Everything!!!!

We don't have a fridge, stove, washer , dryer, couch,
kitchen table.....anything. I didn't realize it, b/c when
we lived in that small house a couple of years ago, we had
a lot of stuff. But the couch kinda got gross in Teddy's
aunt's building, and that's about all the big stuff we had.

I guess we have to start from square 1. I think that it
would be best for us if we start getting stuff that we'll
need when we move before we even find a house b/c when we
get a place, we'll have to pay deposit, to get everything
turned on, and by the time we're done w/ that, we'll be too
broke to get all the major stuff!

I say WALMART LAYAWAY!!!! And thrift stores and stuff
like that. I guess that will be the smart thing to do.

I'm really starting to get frusterated by all this. I mean,
I'm getting impatiant, having to wait for this and that.