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2005-02-11 17:25:38 (UTC)

Valentines Day

That day of romance, beauty and wonderfulness...

keh. it may be romantic and beautiful and wonderful to
some, but not for me. i have no one at the moment, which
isn't really fair, but it's undertsandable. who wants to
go out with any of the jerks up here? not me...

i do have some good memories of v-day, tho.

i lived in america for two years about 4 years ago. a rule
for v-day in school was: 'give a card to one person, give
a card to everyone.'

so, we all gave each other cards, and laughed over them
both years. the first year, i started school the day
before v-day, so on v-day morning, i was scribbing
furiously away on some cards, writing the names of my
classmates on them. it hurt my hands, but that's okie.
everyone gave me one and everyone was really friendly. v-
day was the beginning of my wonderful two years at my new
school. such good times... i miss them...

the second year, we all agce each otehr cards and laughed
over them again. but... something weird happened... Jeren,
one of the classclowns, gave everyone a beach ball...


i know what ure thinking. 'WTF?!' i remember when he gave
me mine. i stared at him for a second and asked him what
the hell he was doing. he told me it was a becah ball and
walked of...

well, no duh einstein. and i thought it was a bar of
chocolate! (sarcasm)

v-day was fun then, but all other years... it's been
romance-deprived. i want someone to love me, hold me, care
for me... but that's just a silly pathetic dream. i have
many, you know.

anyway, must be off. hope i didn't bore you too much.


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