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2005-02-11 17:03:31 (UTC)

My Life Is Going Terribly Wrong.

My life is going terribly wrong.

how, you ask?

well, i admit it's not the worst. I have freinds, family,
talent... I'm a writer (published), an okay-singer, i've
been told by a few that it's mandatory to love me, and i
have a great imagination.

so what's wrong with my life?

school, people... and some other things that even i don't
know about!

school sucks. it's boring, annoying, and WAY too early for
my tastes. i also want to be home schooled, but i'm not
that lucky.

people... well... they SO annoy me. i wish everyone would
just grow up and act their age. sure, i may act like a
seven year old when i'm hyper, but everyone else is, like,
a thousand times worse! girls all act like sluts, guys act
like their gods gift to women... urgh! how i want to wring
their necks and spill their cold blood with my bare

and now i'm going to say one of my most hated words...


such annoying creatures. no offence to any guy reading
this, of course! it's just... well, this may be a diary,
but my secrets aren't going to be written on ANYTHING.

this is probably very boring for any of you reading. gomen

gomen nasai = i'm very sorry

did i mention that i'm addicted to martial arts, anime
(japanese cartoons), japanese things, etc.? well, i am! i
may not've been taught martail arts, but i trained myself,
and even though i may not be the fastest or strongest or
most experienced in fighting of people, you wouldn't want
to mess with me. i'm also very sarcastic and can yell
loudly and can slightly scare people when i scream at
them. that's what i like about me, actually...

i also love to talk and make friends and i can get really
annoying. and i'm also VERY weird... but in a cool way,
you know?

anyway, i'm straying from the main subject of this
diary... i'm so stupid.

i cry alot because of my life. i can't take name calling
or anything like that. (I get name-called alot.) people
gossip about me and talk to me just to annoy me... i wanna
hurt them all... and i hate getting hurt in any way by
those i love or trust. it just... hurts alot.

You prabably think me stupid and weak and idiotic by now,
right? sorry, but that's me...

hopefully my next diary entry will be more amusing and


a very depressed girl,
Jennyroseangel (aka, Jra-chan,
Jra-sama, Joka-chan, Sweet Cheeks, Jenny, Jinni, Jerry,
Jenny monster, etc.)

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