The Adventures of Spiffy Space Guy
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2005-02-11 14:43:27 (UTC)

How it all started! Continued.

Firstly some inserts from part one:

it all started when

It was a fake

activate the Spaceship alarm

what’s with the onion?

little moon boots

Im an over you smurf

I then ran off down the ally and.....

When I got to the end I was like where am I this looks
nothing like the place that sells bread smothered in
Nutella to the point of dripping out when you bite into
it. no it looked like some where I had never been before.
it was this place called school. I have heard scary things
about this place like you are force to sit in a hot smelly
room for 6 hour lisening to an old wrinkly and boring old
people ramble on about the good old days. they would be
all like "when I was your age" and "you have it good when
I was young". hang on I think I have my places mixed up.
isn’t that an old fokes home? meh what differences did it
make I didn’t like the smell so I ran back down the ally,
by the time I got back down the ally I was so tired that I
stoped running. I also had run that much that I had
flattened the batteries on my buzz light year shoes. I was
so unhappy about it that I hooked them up to my
communication device which has a really good battery. so I
was standing there in the middle in the street holding my
communication device that had wires leading off to my
shoes. when I realised that every one was pointing
staring at me. this happened for about 30 sec until some
guy who I believe to be a complete fuck head even though I
had never meet him ever said "he's got two bombs, one in
each shoe. Quick run for your lives." and of course the
normal panic followed the complete incorrect remark. just
as I was about to tell every one what the real reason for
me to be standing in the middle of the street with a
device that looked like a switch that has wires leading to
my shoes, there was a really, really bright flash that was
followed by a lowed bang! "holly fucking shit!" then next
thing I knew was that I was hanging from a nearby tree by
my underpants with sore feet. it was at this point when
branch snapped which relived my groin of pain but instead
relocating the pain to my ass. I was getting pissed of
about the loss of my shoe and the fact that I still
gotten and Nutella sandwiches. I decide to call it a day
and walked back to my space ship and flew home. when I got
home three things happened:
1: I had a half a bottle of whisky (sample bottle, you
the ones from hotels and the like!)
2: bitched to my self about loosing my space boots that
have buzz light year on the side, that light up every time
you take a step. well they don’t really exist any more cos
they blew up and all that!
3: went to bed not looking forward to the hang over that
was coming the next day!

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