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2005-02-11 14:39:48 (UTC)

What a piece of work man is...

Read this in the paper today:

NORTH LAUDERDALE, FLA.—A newborn boy was tossed out a car
window onto the grass beside a busy Florida street
yesterday afternoon and the car sped off, authorities said.
Investigators were seeking the parents of the boy, whose
umbilical cord was still attached when he was found by a
woman passing by. Doctors believe the infant was less than
an hour old.
Sheriff's spokesperson Jim Leljedal said the woman brought
the infant to the sheriff's office. The baby was taken to
Broward General Medical Center, which upgraded his
condition from critical to serious last night. It was
unclear what injuries the 8-pound, 2-ounce child suffered.
The woman who found the baby inside a small plastic bag,
said she saw a man and woman arguing inside the vehicle.

What can you say to this? What can you feel?
Disgusting. Pathetic. In-human. Morbid.
The child wasn't even 2 hours old, and look at how it was
treated. What do you do now? What if they find
the "parents", what would they do? They wouldn't be
charged for murder, because, well, they didn't kill the
child. Abuse? A few nights in jail, if they get to that.
What would happen? Especially considering its in the US and
they are, well, messed up.

What would you do? If you had the final say, what would you
do? Imprisonment? Deportation? Death?

How about social dis-respect by publicing the parents names
and photos everywhere possible, so everyone will recognize
them. But that would die down after awhile, wouldn't it?

Why do we throw people in jail? Why do we cut off this
person from the rest of society? Why do we "kick them out"?
Simple, because they cannot act in a commonly good manner,
and therefore, should not have the privilege to participate
in society. However, what jail does in replace the society
in which they live in.

Think about it. Daily exercise, three meals a day, internet
and tv access, practically anything you want. Convicts are
able to get their diplomas and degrees while in jail. Some
jail cells are worked up more than a 5 star hotel room,
with more luxeries than a well-off family. The sacrifice
for this luxury...you can't leave. OH NO, what a sacrifice.
Would you leave a paradise like life?

So, can I ask, why do we have it? Why is it there? Kill
someone, go to jail, have your life provided to you. You
dont have to work, no worries, no stress, nothing. (Don't
let the movies fool you about jail life)

What am I getting here? Well, lets see. A single mother of
3 working two jobs to just get by is taxed a considerable
amount over her life in which a percentage (although small,
it still adds up) of her earning is taken and put towards
these convicts and their "furnishing". Is THAT fair.
Especially if that convict killed or raped one of that
mother's children? I don't think so.
Buy a 10 foot length rope, tie it to a cross beam, and hang
the guy. You heard me. Kill 'em. Don't get me wrong, some
crimes should not resort to this (like theft...or does it?)
but when you have someone that kills, whether on purpose in
a rage, or by accident in a drunken stupor I say kill them.
End their life, get rid of them, treat them like the
garbage they are. Eye for an eye.

Is THAT In-human? I know what you are saying, who am I to
judge. Who am I to decide who lives and who doesn't? WELL,
who am I NOT to? I am human, just like that murdered
person, and a harm against that person is a harm against
me, and my loved ones, and therefore...I suggest we remove
that harm, permanently. No, not in jail, or prison, or
seclusion. Death. Simple as that. Get them out of society
all together, and not just pushed into the corner.

Paul Bernardo. What did he do? No one likes him too much,
huh? SO why is he still around? Get rid of him. Simple, a
noose around the neck, a little push...gone. Goodbye. Good

What a piece of work is man? What specie on this planet
would still allow one of their own to dwell with society
after that one has committed such an act. The cavity to
society, the bad apple, the hate.

What is the difference between a terrorist and a rapist?
Why do people in power spend their time, sending their
forces out to exterminate these forces? Most of them
haven't done anything wrong yet, have they? They've just
joined a club...a dangerous club, but a club none the
less. Funny, terrorists are hunted for actions not yet
taken, yet killers are praised for actions committed.

Survival of the fittest? The bad of society slowly kills
off the good. Which will win, especially when the good does
little to fight back?

I'd hate to know what would happen if something like this
would fall onto a loved one. If I wake up one day and find
out that ______ has been shot for a couple of bucks in
their wallet. I'd loose it, I know I will. I'd find that
person and make them pay...horribly. Torture. Revenge.

Its funny. Society wants to evolve, yet it won't leave its
old ways. Have you seen the movie "A Time To Kill"? A spin
off of "To Kill A Mockingbird". Very good movie.

Well, there's my two cents. Use it to purchase that rope.
Or a bullet. Anything simple. Anything that does the job.
Stop hiding behind fear, even though that is the theme of

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