Justin Flames

month of February
2005-02-11 05:14:17 (UTC)

Don't need glasses

I learned something today
from a friend
he's blind
but that's not where his sight will end

these words may reach him
for he is one of the few that read these
with ease


in some way, reminded me
of how it must feel
to be without them

take it away
let my thoughts stay
no more price to pay
taking to heart what the unresolved have to say

it is easier to conform
it is easier to be down all the time
it is comfier to keep everything inside
it's more predictable to hide

don't compare yourself
--if you want to live a life unfullfilling
go on and judge yourself
--so what you taste lacks flavor
don't show your talents
--if you fear success, confidence, and self-worth

it only takes a second
for will to beckon...
take a step
no regret