K Tru

Judge Tenderly of Me
2005-02-11 04:58:18 (UTC)

So, How'd I end up in Handcuffs?

The day started off innocently enough, I went to work and
got off early so I decide to go shoppin. I went to one of
my favorite joints and immediately saw a shirt that
said "G" is for Gangsta, (dope). I decided to try on two,
so I went to the dressing room, and decided on the gangsta
shirt. I was puttin on my jacket when the sales guy comes
up to me and says "didn't you have another one?" I say
yeah and go into the dressing room to get it. I grab it
and come out and I'm rushed by a loss prevention guy.
"why are you layering my shirts?"
"Is this the girl?" He asks the guy over my shoulder. Then
he tells me to follow him, so I do, thinkin WHAT THE FUCK?!
To this day I wanna kick my own ass, cuz I wasn't in the
wrong, so why was I being treated like a criminal? Had I
spoken up, I couldve talked my way out.
He took me behind the scenes and when asked, I gave bogus
info. He asked for my I.d. and I thought that would be
confessin to some shit I din't do. Dude then hops on the
phone, I figure that he's callin a manager to sign off on
some paper work. He didn't wanna hear shit that I had to
say, even though I was tryin to profess my innocence. So
I'm sittin there in shock, and in walks a cop. But it
still didn't click with me, in my mind. The Pig ask me for
info and I recite the same fake bullshit thinkin the whole
time that I was being kicked out of the store at most, cuz
I hadn't stolen or attempted to steal anything. But then
He tells me that i'm being arrested for "intent to steal."
A female cop then enters the scene and puts on some gloves
so I think to myself:
But she says no, that she has to wear gloves to search my
bag, and me. The entire time I'm thinkin that this can't
really being happenin to me.
I'm then lead out of the store wearing handcuffs.FUCKIN
HANDCUFFS! keep in mind that I've never been locked up,
EVER! I'm driven to a police station and cuffed to a wall!
But by that time I give the PO PO my real info so he can
see that I've never had a run in with the law. After about
an hour, my bag is confiscated and i'm told that I'll be
transferred to a womens detention center. I'm silently
losing my mind, thinkin about being thrown in some holdin
cell, with some big bitch named Bertha, while my picture
is taken and I'm fingerprinted.
Once everything valuable is taken away from me and my bag
is taken, I'm stuffed, solo, into a paddy wagon, and
carted off to 17th and State. Where I was photo'ed,
fingerprinted, and stuffed into a holding cell for six
hours. I went through a bunch of emotions before I lost it
and cried. Why had this happened to me? When was I gettin
out? Was I gettin out that night? What if They forgot
about me? What if I couldn't make it to work tomorrow?
What if I didn't get out? What would my mom think if she
could see me at that moment?
I spoke to a woman who had been picked up for two bags of
heroin, another who tried to hop onto the subway without
payin.And they both were like relax, you'll be out in
about 6-8 hours.
I tried to sleep to pass the time but I was cold, scared,
nervous, and alone. I was offered a phone call but I
didn't have anybody to call so I denied it. I was offered
a bologna sandwich but i wasn't hungry so I denied it.
Finally, I was let out at 11:30pm. I recieved a court date
and was told where I could go wait for my ride. I was too
afraid and ashamed to call anyone, and besides, no one
could or would come and get me except Larry. And at the
moment I didn't even want to tell him. So i bummed a ride
to the train and got home at 1 in the morning. I slept for
5 hours and went to the work the next day (yesterday).
Now it seems like a distant memory, but it's still fresh
in my mind, cuz I can't stop thinkin about it. I'm not
worried too much though the case will probably be thrown
out cuz I've got so many things stacked in my favor, plus
a cop that's willing to testify in my favor.

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