Penni for your Thoughts
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2005-02-10 23:28:09 (UTC)

part 1 of my profile

my time upon Gor, though breif, has led me far and wide. i
say that it's been breif, because i am still a very young
age but i was born here and native to this
mother and father both slaves, of Alar blood and i was
bread for her tremendous heat and full, lushes lips, and
for his blond hair and blue eyes, much like hers, to give
me purity in my appearence. i was given the name "kyassi"
by my slave Mistress Katherine. She took very good care of
me, giving me a proper childhood until my adolesence when i
told my fate, and my training began. At first it was simple
as cleaning, mending and cooking...but as time soon told i
was expected to be beaituful, to display myself exquisitely
and to carry myself came the positions
and again at first, they were simple but as each day passed
i was becomming more and more aware of my station, of my
slavery...karta, postrate, bracelets, heel, harta...these
didn't humiliate me....but ah, sula, table, sula-ki, she-
sleen...these truely made me feel my place....Would Men
actually command me to preform in this way? It was then i
began to think of my use...of Them, using shook me,
and frightened me to the core...But as these thoughs ran
though my mind, new sensations began to brew within
me..somewhere within my belly...i didn't understand what
they ment, nor could i deal with how i felt....many nights
i wept but She was always there to comfort me, and to ease
me into my submission...
She was my very first and my very last fond memory in this
harsh world...the events that would unfold thereafter have
made be accept and even appreciate the fortress of solitude
that can be found within any of us....this is my story