I'm nevering saying goodbye
2005-02-10 22:30:40 (UTC)

I got a crush on you

Hey hey. whats goin on? well not shit here just chillen in
my room. Today was fun in gym. I got to see this boy I
like. His name is Nick James. Hes a cutie. But I'm just
going to take it slow. I'll probably talk to him later on,
but not now unless he starts talkin to me first. so yeah.
Anyways lets stop talking about him. I'll tell you how my
day went today. It was a great day actually. I had fun
today. I got along with everyone. Theres this one dude in
my english class though that always talks to me and sits by
me. Kinda scary don't you think so.I think so. His name is
ben. I don't like him like that and he does like me. I'm
about to tell him to buzz off. Hes a creep. I would never
date him. lol. mean I know. but oh well.... anyways forget
about that crap. My friend emily is having trouble with
this dude name grant. Hes a cool guy and all but hes not a
great boyfriend. He told everyone even her, he's only going
to give it a week and if it doesn't turn out good then hes
breaking up with her. He's a bitch though. He flirts to
much with every girl he hangs out with. But oh well he
going to do what he wants and so is she. I tried to stop
her from making a mistake but it doesn't do any good. I
shouldn't be talking though I made alot of mistakes, but
not anymore. but hey got to go now bye babe..