Bridgette .M.

Something Forgotton
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2005-02-10 22:13:40 (UTC)


I hate you.
No, I wish that were true.
I am just afraid
I'll turn out just like you.

Trying to wipe you away
From the thoughts in my head,
It's almost as if you are dead.

It has been ten years,
Bottled up fears,
Washed up tears.

A lonely child
still resides inside,
Still wants to hide.

Trying to forget,
The pain it's met.

"Innocent child" I never got to be,
No memories of being "care-free".

Witnessed the unleashing of a monster,
Slowly before my eyes,
Funny, I don't remember being surprised.

I'd like to think that I am now grown,
The pain I have carried not being shown.

I don't feel that I miss you,
But how can that be?
You will forever be apart of me.

So selfish, you chose that bottle over us,
Gave up your life, your children, your wife.

You gave up your rights my "dearest dad"
I am angry, yes,
But more so sad.
I don't believe you will ever realize
The wonderful life you could have had

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