angels heart

Through my eyes..
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2005-02-10 18:19:43 (UTC)

fighting in my mind..

Im fighting my own battles now..not to sure what to do or
how to deal with it anymore..sad to see how lack of
strenght i have when it comes to someone you loved. I know
its not right and feel like im betraying my heart. But i
know that even though i spent so much time with my old
bf..that he has a pure heart always was just
me..and my wrong doings that got me in trouble. If id just
stepped back and dwelt with it, then i wouldnt of been so
hard..i do love truly my new man..with out a doubt he
treats me so wonderfully more than i ever expected..he
writes me such lovely letters when im at work..and says the
sweetiest things to me when he sees me. he truly loves
me. but so does my old bf too..he still loves me dispite
all that ive done to us. I know i wish it would be
easier to just pass this by and i know one day i wont be
hearing from him anymore..due in fact that this new man
talks to me about marriage and kids and having a
family..even though we both have kids already..he just
understands me on a different level than my ex or my old bf
did. and that is what makes him truly unique. well im
glad to get this off my chest for the time being..have to
study for a math test a bit..and a soci. test as well..see