My lil life!
2005-02-10 18:15:09 (UTC)

Feb10 Dropped my Research subj

Dear Diary,

There was no Miracle last night. There was just no way I
could come up with everything I needed for my research. So
im afraid id have to throw in the towel. Im gonna drop the
subject, but im still gonna consult my professor so that
next time when I take it up again, id have everything
complete already.
I signed up for a petition against the school’s cooperate
owners who are trying to change the school name. I also
heard that there would be a protest on Monday next week and
that we should all wear black cloths in solidarity. VIVA

I talked to Awo in the night and I found out that Sade was
indeed inconveniencing her to an extent I could not even
imagine. She’s very lucky I stepped in when I did cause her
bills and expanses had gone up 5 times and she was having
problems doing school work with Sade around. Well sade has
lost whatever respect I had for her so now she’s got to earn
it all back. No nonsense.

Gym’s good. Been working out almost everyday since last week
Monday. I defiantly could see changes already. Hehe go boy!

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