Cleaning the Attic
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2005-02-10 17:52:28 (UTC)

bad doggie

February 10, 2005

I have a dog that I can’t pet. Oh everyone else can pet
him, just not me. It’s a strange phenomenon really and even
stranger to watch. You see if I pet his head, he starts
bobbing it up down, back and forth, while his body stays
perfectly still. If I move to his back, his back starts
bobbing around and his head stays perfectly still. It
wouldn’t bother me so much except this dog has an extremely
soft coat, rather like mink, and I’d very much like to feel
it sift softly through my fingers now and again. Our other
dog is on the greasy side and I’d just as soon not pet him
more than is necessary to make him feel welcome in our

I was hoping the carpet faery would find its way through
the night into my kitchen and rid my floor of the
strawberry stains but no such luck. The stains are still
there, dark pink against brown. Just when you think you’re
getting a little ahead with the house cleaning….

If I ever have another pet, it will be a cat—independent,
housebroken and peaceable. Come to think of it, those
aren’t bad qualifications for a man, if anyone’s interested.