Visions Of Life
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2005-02-10 17:32:50 (UTC)

My Fascist Side....

So I guess my fascist side scares my husband a little.. lol

Anyways, these are my random ideas that I want to create
or implement someday:

#1- The womb in a box. See old journal entry. You grow
children to term in an artifical womb.

#2- Birth control being mandatory for all girls under the
age of 18 unless they get married. The age of which to
start this is still questionable because of the young age
people have sex. Perhaps a birth control nanobot in a
nation-wide "flu vaccine" or something would be handy. No
more kids having kids.

#3- The STD shield. Also some sort of mechanical device
that is surgically implanted in both men and women. It is
like a permanent mechanical condom that protects against
all known STD's and when new ones are found, the info can
be downloaded into the device. No more STD's.