2005-02-10 14:19:21 (UTC)

Blah, blah, blah

What a weird morning. And I think its all because of my
alarm clock, it didn't go off. Must've turned it off
yesterday by accident.

ANyways, I still woke up at the same time, and did
everything I had to do. Packed my breakfast and lunch,
brushed off the car from snow, went to work.

So here I am, at work again. But today is different, and I
don't know why. Bought a chocolate milk on the way to my
office to have with my muffin i brought from home. That is
when I realized that today was different. I got to my
desk, and ate my breakfast. I usually wait until 10:30 or
so to eat, but today, I was hungry. I still am, a bit.

I know, it sounds weird, but for me, its a message. I
haven't been hungry in a long time. I'd eat because my
stomach would feel empty, yet I'd get full in minutes...yet
that emptiness would still be there. I was even worried
about this, thought maybe I was sick or something. But I
rarely get sick...so it can't be that.

The past few days, I've been feeling better. Everything
has been getting better. Work, home, myself, my
friends...my closer friends...everything is good. I feel
cheerful. Giving a friendly hello smile to practically
anyone who accepted it.

Pieces, they all fall into place, one way or
another...right? I think so. I'm good again. I no longer
worry. I no longer question. There isn't a need to.
I feel....blah. But, not in a bad way. To me, blah is
when there are so many feelings running through me that I
can't decipher one from the other, and so I continue my day
in some trance like state...but a happy, cheerful trance
like state.

A bit tired too. Stayed out a bit late. But it was worth
it. It was fun. It was comforting...

This weekend, I cant wait for. It'll be a great weekend. A
fun weekend. A warm weekend. Different. I'm anxious, but
calm. I can't wait, but I can. Hesitant? Maybe, after all,
I've never really done anything like this, even though I've
had man opportunities to do so. Seize the moment, as I
always say. Never let an opportunity go to waste, and I
plan not to. The experience will say it all.

Got an e-mail this morning. My "package" is on its way. Now
THAT I can't wait for. One step closer to my dream, well,
one of them anyways. It'll be hard, but I'll do it.
Especially due to the fact that I have a promise to keep.
Right, Nightengale?

Snowing outside, still. Doesn't bother me, never really
does. I love driving in this stuff anyways (especially when
there isn't anyone else on the road) The spring will come
soon, though. Then the summer. I can wait though. There is
no rush. WHy rush?

Take things one day at a time. One step at a time. When
things happen, they happen. And when they do, it'll be that
much more perfect.

In the words of U2 - Its a beautiful day....