My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2005-02-10 13:17:45 (UTC)

MaYbE iTs ThE wAy ThAt I gEt NeRvOuS wHeN uR aRoUnD..

Okay, I got a few things to bitch about. Where should I
start? Let's see here! I'm out of cigarettes, I'm broke at
the moment because for some reason my checking account is
showing -$41 and I don't know why! Just found out that the
chic..you remember? The one who's son died. Yeah, well it's
like this. HE DIDN'T DIE! All that money and hard work for
nothing. How messed up is that? Well, she's fired! But
that's not the point. The point is you don't lie about shit
like that. What type of sick person does something or even
thinks about their child being dead, let alone LIE and SAY
they are! OMG! CRAZY!!!!!!! But I'm over it. Now I'm just
tired in my head. My mind is tired and so is my body. But
oh well, right? Life moves on. Goes to show you what I was
saying in my recent entry. You'll come across people like
that. You can choose to get involved or stay away and
thankfully I did just that. But I'm going to cut this
short. I just wanna leave it on one note. Kelly, I've been
trying to talk to you for this reason. I can't be mad at
anyone and I can't sit there and have things let unsaid and
not resolved. You may say oh well or whatever, which I know
you are right now, but something just aint right. Maybe
it's the good person in me that wants to keep a friendship
or maybe it's just me being dumb. I don't know. If you
think I'm going to use what I have to get some trouble
started. Well, you're wrong because soon all the worries
will be over with. Plus you still owe me $95 lol..which I'm
not worried about but the whole point as to why I said you
owed it to me on your birthday was only to make sure I
still had you as a friend by then. I'm guessing I probably
lost a friend and some money. I dunno, but the choice is
yours. Alright guys! It's really bed time!!! Next weekend I
will be in Tunica living up a wonderful weekend with some
wonderful people. OMG can't wait..the thought of it is the
only thing getting me by these past few days. Holla