How Do I Tell Them...
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2005-02-10 11:39:28 (UTC)

Not Much To Say

Anger/Frustration (by me)

I want to cry...

I have wanted to cry for awhile now...

I'm over feeling like this...

I'm over feeling like i dont know...

I dont want to feel like breaking anymore...

I dont want to feel like kicking in the front door...

I dont want to drive into the wilderness

With nothing but my own two hands

Because i dont know what i would do there

I dont think that i could last

Emotionally challenged...when the world shys away

There is more by me below...and a message for someone know who you are Gorgeous Goddess mWah xoxo

Regret (by me)

I'm sick of sitting on the cold floor

Looking up to nothing but a blank sky

Wishing you were by my side

I'm sorry that i left, I'm sorry i even thought to leave

I regret it, I dont like it, I wish i could go back

Back in time

When it was me and you, a double bed and that room.

Not long til i see you now

Your beautiful face from above

I'll kiss you, I'll hug you

I'll tell you you are the one that i love

I Love You Princess. You mean the world to me and i couldnt
face each day without knowing that i will hear your voice
and be able to know that i can tell you that i love you with
all of my heart. I'm sorry if i have ever offended you or
seemed to be condescending, i didnt realise that i was being
that way and i am sorry that i was. I Love You.I'm in love
with you my Gorgeous Goddess. Nothing can change that. Dont
ever forget it, even when the day seems dark and grim, know
that I Love You, I want to be with you, I need you, I miss
you and hold me within. I may not be there in body, but i am
there in spirit hunni...not long til you will be in my arms,
and i get to take care of you and show you where i live. I
Love You Sweetheart mWah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo