The Adventures of Spiffy Space Guy
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2005-02-10 08:39:20 (UTC)

The Beginning!

Hello my name is Spiffy and as you have no doubt already
guested I am a space guy. The aim of this site is to tell
the world about my weird and strange adventures.
Firstly Ill tell you a bit about me:
I am a real life space guy, I find playing space invaders
fun and I could easily waste a whole afternoon playing it.
However the idea of going to school really shits me off, I
mean come on I’m a space guy, I shouldn’t have to go to
that pathetic waste of time that is school. Sorry getting
of track I am 4 foot high and I wear a spiffy space suit.
I also have matching moon boots, you know the ones, the
ones with buzz light year on the side and when ever you
take a step they light up! They are so cool, you should
get a pair. Oops! Did it again, well what else is there to
say besides that I have had many crazy adventures in my
time and there be many to come!
Please feel free to read this dairy to hear about my crazy

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