Amphigory by EtherealSanctity
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2005-02-10 06:18:25 (UTC)


So I really dont know what to say... Back in about November,
I started writing a letter in the back of my english
notebook and now its about 14 full pages long. I just keep
writing what I am feeling about shit ect. I actually cant
write, Im so tired... Ill write tomorrow

So its tomorrow. And I feel like shitt. Complete and total
shit. I did that stuff again yesterday, like all the days
before. I was miserable all day today. And then had about a
millisecond of happieness then BAM its gone.
That should be me

Should I do it? I feel like I dont hae anything to livve for
anyways anymore... I thought I did but I'm forcing away this
realization that maybe I just will never be good enough

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