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2005-02-10 04:03:01 (UTC)


well just when i thought that the drama was over between
me and my ex it all starts back again how does she manage
to find someway into my life? why cant she just dissapear
and be just a memory? o.k heres the deal i went to my
freinds dads funeral the other day and i gave another
friend a ride and on teh way we got to talking about shit
and he mentions that one of my best friends has been
seeing my ex and keeping it from me so i get all pissed
off and wanna kill (only natural right)? later one that
day i relize that i have no real bitch besides that he
didnt let me know what was going on between them. so know
im trying to figure out what i wanna do to him or if i
just let it go cuz i have been she this really cool chick
latly and i dont miss my ex one bit, im just so tired of
her finding another way to get to me it really is geting a
little old i just wanna move on and forget but how can i
when she want leave well enough alone..i once used to
think that no matter what i would always loved her but,
now after everything stupid fucking thing shes done i cant
anymore.. i have never hated somone with so much passion
that it makes me tremble when i her name.. its crazy
hate.. but anyway im sure there will be much more to come.
and oh yeah one good thing im finally moving i got a new
house YEAH

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