Davids Diary
2005-02-10 03:52:09 (UTC)


Im just a dum stuped jerk. I can never do anything right.
even when i try to do something right I fuck it up. It
gets to the point sometimes that I wish I was by myself
again. No one telling me what to do or asking me about my
money how much i have or what I did with it. and when I
have money never pinching pennys. Will I know what Im
going to do with my tax returns if I get any. Im just
going to spend them on my roommate reason She dervirse it.
theres nothing I really want anyway or nothing I cant live
with out. onlything I plan on doing is getting a new cell
phone but I have and old one that will work just as will I
guess. will I guess its like always eveything for eveyone
else and little or nothing for me but Im use to it. I come
in this world with nothing and nothing is what I will
alwas have. sighs.

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