Is This What It's All About ?
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2005-02-10 01:06:30 (UTC)

I can't believe it

Well it's almost over and I am so happy. Within 8 weeks my
divorce should be final !!! Yipee, about the same damn
time it's been since I have had sex. Can you actually
believe that when Ahmed comes back he still wants to sleep
with me, and I am am not in the least bit interested. What
the hell happened to me ? Just goes to show that looks are
not everything, well in this case. What will the poor guy
do, hmm let's see what shape will I be in when he sees me
next time, aw, his loss, if he would have paid a bit more
attention. I love him but in a totally different way,
there is NOTHING sexual about it.
Can't believe I opened my big mouth, but it's the truth, I
think Steve would make a wonderful roomie. I can handle
the not being in a "relationship" part as long as there is
someone pleasant to come home to in the evenings who
shares the same interests, and yet can have your alone
time without feeling sufficated.
What the heck happened to the times when I used to pack up
and head out of town just for the heck of it, to see
something new. Oh yeah, that's right guilt, I should have
been brought up Jewish, my father must be rolling in his
grave right now.
I miss not seeing John and Steve the most, but I will
adapt as usual to my new surroundings, and hopefully make
a success out of it.
Well ciao for now, a sweet adue and a fond farewell.

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