MY LIFE.. or something kinda like it
2005-02-10 00:36:44 (UTC)

House Hunting sucks!

I heard about a house in Mt. Holly,beside my cousin's b/f's
house so we went to peek in the windows. It's 2 bdrms, and
it's not that big, but it's big enough. The Kitchen is
fairly small and there isn't much cabinet space, but
there's a dining room for a table, and that's where the
washer & dryer hookup is. I like it, but Teddy says that
there's not enough yard and that it's too small,and

To me, it's a house without my parents and there's more
than one bdrm. I'm all for it. On the other hand, if Teddy
doesn't like it at all, then he would never really be happy
there, and I don't want that.

The thing is, that house is only $450 a month, which is
really good for the area it's in. So that's my defense.
The truth of the matter is that the ball is in Teddy's
court now.

All day long though, I keep picturing me and Teddy and
Alyssa living there. Teddy's giving it the benifeit of the
doubt, and he's going to go w/ me to meet the landlord, to
go in it and look around, maybe it's not as small as it
looks on the inside, and he'll be cool w/ it. But if he's
not then that's ok. We'll just keep looking until we find
something that we both like, and can live with.( and a
price we can live with)

Everytime my Mom starts piling our stuff that is
downstairs, onto our stairs, while she's bitching about us
never picking up our shit, I just want to be in a house
alone w/ my family, and I don't care how tiny it is.

I don't think that they realize how hard it is for us to
live in just one room! We have two rooms up there, but one
of them don't have heat or air, so it's either too hot or
too cold, so no one can actually spend time in there.
Mainly, we just keep most of Alyssa's toys in there and her
clothes in the closet and stuff.

That brings me to another point. Me and Teddy have no
where to put our clothes. We have 1 closet that we share
which can be sooooo crowded. We have 1 chest of drawers,
which there are only 3 drawers that are functional.
Needless to say, it's a total mess, trying to stretch our
space so thin. 3 people live in one room. Alyssa's toddler
bed is in our room along with our huge Kingsize bed, and it
makes it impossible to move around.....

just had to vent!

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