life as it is
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2005-02-10 00:17:44 (UTC)

this really sucks...

so i was takeing my friend to work tonight and i passed the
spot where the accident happened... i knew there was
supposed to be a cross that his dad made, but i wasnt sure
where they put it.. so i was driving and i got the chills
really bad. i told desiree and she then pointed out that
there were some flowers and a cross on the sde comeing
up... thats so frickin creepy... how did i know that that
was exactly where it happened?... you could see on the
median where it happened too... where his car hit i mean.
im all depressed now and things have been going really
shitty lately...

but i dunno... i dont know what to talk about. im all
BLAH... i need to go out.. actually that doesnt work. i
tried that last night and i was still all depressed and i
didnt talk to anyone, which is not like me at all...
gease.. what is wrong with me?

*sighs* i wanna go away for awhile. i need to find a buddy
who lives far away and would like a visitar for a couple
days. thats what i need. im going to chicago but thats not
till ... ummm... errr.... uhhh.... oh yea.. july... cause
ill be there for the 4th and im drivein the whole way too.
yaya for me... i guess... who knows...

i think ima go and take a nap cuz i havent slept. i keep
havein these nightmares that replay the accident over and
over again... i dont know why but what can ya do... hmmm
okay thats all for now so i will write later.. tata...
--- Kaytlinn

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