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2005-02-10 00:08:32 (UTC)

Today Is Ash Wednesday:

Well I have not been here for a while. However, I have
been busy. I mean I am The Director_of_Family_Affairs for
the NSC and all.

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is the prelude to Lent and The
Holy Season of Eastertide which begins with Ash Wednesday
and ends with Ascension Sunday.

The last time I wrote in the journal was two years ago in
fact. Since then, John has passed way and so did Jen and
Jayden her baby son.

Life is not much changed. I have gone to see my daughter,
Rebecca in Iowa.

Christmas has come and gone. Thank God. Valentine's Day
is just around the corner. Frank, Nancy and I are going to
the St. Valentine's Day Dance at St. Ita.

Robert aka Honey-Bear and I are still together.
Occassionally, I hear from Scott. Not often with steve.

Roy, my second ex is back in contact with me.

So there you have it.

Much Love,
American Irish Rose