Spreading My Wings
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2005-02-09 23:39:13 (UTC)


Okay I found out why I've been waking up with hot steamy
foreheads.. and no Its not because Im having a sexual
dream.. it's because Im having nightmares!

Last night or this past week.. I've been having so many
nightmares.. It's scary.. and Im really considering having
something done for it. Also for the fact, Im getting very
little sleep. The most I've slept is 2 hours.

For example, last night I dreamt I was in a convenience
store and I just happened to go in at the right time.
There was a robbery in progress and the guy ordered me to
go down on the floor. I was laying there and the guy was
telling me not to move. While he was leaving, the worse
happened. I got shot in the head and I woke up screaming.
My goodness! You don't even wanna know what my other dreams
are about..

Im just afraid to go to bed now.. I don't know what's gonna
happen. Okay.. Happy thoughts now... *sigh* But Im gonna
get going now. Im a crazy mental trip.. so ta-ta!

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