Albus Lupusolus
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2005-02-09 23:07:01 (UTC)

normal day

another normal day for me well atleast this half of the day
cause today is ash wensday yay. well today i didnt finish
my language arts homework (was due today), i had to dtay
after school to work on the mural, i had no ride as usual
so i stayed til i found a ride with a person i dont know
there name only by sight. have lots homework to do not to
mention i need to play some DDR (dance dance remix (dancing
game)) ohhhh... yeahhhhh... im goood. well anyways i also
have to worry about some of my friends yes plural that
might be thinking about suicide but nothing out of the
ordinary except for the ashes on head this afternoon that
im going to recieve. which reminds me i need to call one of
the friends of my friend who once thought of cummititin
uhhh... doing suicide. yeahhhh... im hispanic im aloud to
do that. i havent talked to her in a long while. plus i
also need to talk to my friend from CLI about that rise-up
thing im prabably going to do, i might just need to get a
ride to get there. and prabably but not least i will read
other ppl's diaries (haha i said it) you know just to leave
some comments. oh here is a peom from one of my good friends

the title is Weary

Alone and weary,
she lies in bed,
painful memories,
tumbling through her head.
Tears trickle slowly,
down her cheeks,
minutes like hours,
days like weeks.
She's tired of being brave,
tired of all her pride,
tired of tears and loneliness,
from holding it inside.
She's tired of people asking,
if there's anything they can do,
they say that they know,
what she's going through.
But in a way she laughs,
at how stupid that they sound,
for they could never really know,
of the feelings that she's found.
Her hopes have all been shredded,
her dreams are left in tatters,
everything she ever thought,
all she thought that mattered.
Her head tells her one thing,
her heart yet another,
should she leave here and her pain,
or stay for just her brother?
She cannot face another dawn,
when people treat her so,
she's nothing here left to defend,
no punches left to throw.
Her mind made up,
she leaps from bed,
and thrusts her knife,
into her head.
She didn't think,
she didn't care,
but couldn't stand, another stare.
Delayed reaction,
her eyes grow teary,
draws her last breath,
no longer weary...

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